baker/potter is a craftsman. He lives in the woods, talks to his dog and drinks coffee while making pots in a little workshop on Harstine Island, WA. He tries his very best to keep the pots he makes simple and timeless. 


a little about the name- Ryan Lee, a baker and potter.

The guy behind the project, Ryan Lee, has always enjoyed working with his hands. After several years of baking bread in San Francisco he decided he was ready for a new hobby so purchased a potter's wheel and kiln and got to work. A few years later he and his partner packed up their things and moved to a little known island in the Puget Sound to build a little pottery and bakery in the woods. The pottery project keeps building steam and bakery construction is underway. 

You can find his work in rotation at a few cafes and on the retail shelves. 

San Francisco

The Mill SF

Four Barrel Coffee

Half Hitch Goods

Apt. 6 Cafe

Washington State

Dry Goods Design-Seattle

Union City Market- Union, WA

Thuja- Port Townsend, WA


Beam & Anchor- Portland

Tender Loving Empire - Portland

Austin, TX

Flat Track Coffee Roasters