Baker/Potter is a dream of building a simple life in the woods of Washington State while crafting obsessive small batch pottery and freshly milled whole grain bread.

The folks behind Baker/Potter

Ryan Lee

Ryan started baker/potter in San Fransisco in 2015. He set up a small workshop attached to the bedroom he shared with Kristen in a house by the sea and got to work. Slowly but surely the project built steam and the dream of building a life crafting in the woods began to seem possible. In 2016, he and Kristen took a leap and moved to a little known island in Puget Sound they knew nothing about. With the help and support of Kristen, Ryan (very slowly) built a wood fired bakery from the ground up while making pots full time. In 2019, Ryan finished the bakery and is making plans for marketing bread.


Kristen Jones

In addition to providing encouragement and support, Kristen documents and photographs pottery and keeps the web shop up to date and stays on top of anything else that needs doing.